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Glorious Hilltops and Shadowy Valleys

Hello Ironmen!       A few weeks ago we hosted a powerful and amazing youth camp that was themed, "FEARLESS". I was assigned to share the last message for the youth camp. The title of the message was "Fearless in the Face of Opposition." As I think back to the time spent with the students and young adults that attended the youth camp, it was such a glorious hilltop weekend. I give all the glory to God for using me and most importantly using others to reach the young minds with the gospel.      As I sit here, I can't escape drifting off to the next big glorious hilltop event  where I get to use the spiritual gifts God has given me to make another impact for Him. But I'm back in the valley!      I am reminded of a terrible lifestyle many of us live as Christians. Some only live for those glorious hilltops and neglect the daily walk with Jesus in the humble valleys. Some people live for the weekends, concerts, and vacations. We as Christians can also live that